Testing Delivery

Add wdPro know-how, methods, tools and flexible talent to your team and turn your internal people into SaaS testing experts.

Strategic Test Management Specialists

At wdPro we train our experienced consultants in the use of our proven methods and tools. Rather than filling your project team with our resources we prefer to provide flexible resource profiles so analysts, leads, test managers and more senior roles are only ramped up when the programme needs them. This controls your budget spend and also encourages your internal resources to step up and take ownership – proving your solution is fit for purpose.

Strategy & Planning

  • Quality assurance strategy
  • Complementing change management
  • Resource planning
  • Test plan
  • Integration test plan
  • Data validation plan
  • Up-skill your in-house resources early
  • Plan to support your business test resources
  • Defect & issue approach

Execution & Management

  • Test execution schedule
  • Test management resource provision or training
  • Test lead provision or training
  • Test reporting & tracking
  • Test analyst provision or training
  • Data extraction, transformation & loading