Invest in a Quality Assurance Framework to meet your Strategic Goals

Implement a tactical Quality Assurance Framework to help you plan, monitor and control your transformation programme.

When implementing a SaaS solution you need to ensure that your business processes will be met by the end solution but without good quality assurance you are flying in the dark.

Quality Assurance Framework

wdPro uses a framework which is designed specifically for SaaS programmes and then customised to your own delivery approach.

As part of strategic planning we deploy our framework to monitor and report progress allowing you to work with your implementation partner to mitigate risks before they turn into issues.

We embed your issue and test tracking tools like JIRA and Zephyr into our framework and have partnered with BDQ (visit website) to develop a JIRA and Zephyr tool we can provide you directly if you haven't got an in-house tool.

Our framework is designed to complement the Accelerated Deployment Methodology used by implementation partners:

Accelerated Deployment Methodology

  • Plan

  • Architect

  • Configure & Prototype

  • Test

  • Deploy