Empower your Transformation

Our know-how provides visibility and control over your programme's quality assurance and testing.

wdPro are cutting edge independent test management specialists in the Software as a Service (SaaS) arena. We bind together your transformation programme by deploying our talent, tools and methods; empowering your team to become self-sufficient in delivering solutions and services which underwrite the evolution of your organisation.

Our founders have baked

20+ years

of hard-won experience into a tried and tested recipe for success.

Our services

Strategic and Objective Consultants

Supercharge your programme with an injection of wdPro know-how into your executive team. We provide power day workshops to kick-off your strategic planning.

Test Management and Planning

Establish your strategy! Build a flexible plan! Secure the talent! Take control of your testing workstream, drive adoption and deliver your business case.

Optimise Your Quality Management Framework

We will remediate and optimise quality assurance of existing projects ensuring they become fully effective in their role supporting your on-going business change.